Where did you put my childhood
Where shall I keep my heart
What other way can I show you
Do I want to
I do not

Where are the words to tell you
What other things can I say
I had my childhood stolen
One day

How many times I waited for the moment to pass
How many times I wondered
Why a child
Should pay the price
For the longing of power
For the craving to shame
To inflict on a human spirit
And I became the stain

Why are your eyes averted
When will the world begin to see
I should not be an item
Someone please see me

God if you’re there and can hear me
Won’t you send one who loves You
To free me from the guilt
The shame
The pain
The curse
The fool

When will your eyes be opened
When will you see me here
Longing to be a person
Longing to be free

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