For Keri

Snowflakes slowly falling
Make their way down through the air
Silently the hoar frost hardens
On the slippery stair
Everywhere the sound of winter
Crackles here and there
Frozen panes of star flakes
Tumbling down are everywhere

This is where my story starts
In the frost and cold
There amid the icicles
Stardust turns to gold
oo ee….

In the waiting worrying wake
Of the bitter cold
Howls the whirling swirling sound
Of stories new and old

In the hazy misty world
Blanc et noir all round
Sits a little funny girl
Hear her tinkling sound
oo, ee ….

Who are you poor little girl
From a land no longer found
I was lifted from a page
By a child’s inquisitive mind
And here I sit among the banks
Of snow so highly piled
Freezing in my little green skirt
And my felt hat tightly bound
For I don’t know how to go to the place
In which my story was found
And I don’t know how to sing alone
In this cold barren land
oo ee….

There she sat that little girl
From an elfin land long ago
There she sat and waited for
The one to take her home
And no one but that little child
Could imagine her back home
And he slept soundly in his warm bed
While the elfin girl sat alone

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