There are many ways to create change in the world. It can be as simple as choosing to respect everyone you meet.

If you want to make a wider world impact I am adding links to some organizations that I believe are doing wonderful, conscientious work to change lives which I support. Please check them out and donate as your heart urges.

Mennonite Central CommitteeWilderness Committee


‘Stolen’ was written after hearing about a Canadian man who flew to third world countries to use children who had been forced into prostitution. I asked MCC if they had any programs dealing with this issue. They said they have many programs aimed at dealing with the causes of child prostitution such as lack of education and extreme poverty. MCC takes a “give someone a fish they will eat for a day, teach them to fish so they can eat for a lifetime” approach to solving these long term problems. It is the most effective way to protect children. If you would like to get at the root of child prostitution learn more about how you can help.

I believe that care of the earth is a moral issue and that we must all work together to protect our home, the planet earth. The Wilderness Committee is a Canadian organization that works to protect Canada’s natural heritage. Please find and support the local group who fights for your homeland. Together we can protect the world in which we live.