Parallel Mondo Thoughts

I have given myself a challenge of listing 100 Parallel Mondo thoughts before the official CD Release on Seotember 22 at the West End Cultural Centre for my new Album “Parallel Mondo”. Parallel Mondo refers to parallel worlds or realities. Keep tuned in!

1. So here is Parallel Mondo Thought Number One. Italy and Spain are riding high with the Fifa World cup victories…meanwhile back at the economy front Germany is looking good. Who has won? Well it all depends on which aspect of reality they want to pay attention to.

2. Parallel routes but different worlds.  Which world do you feel you are in? Happy trails however you go…

3. Many worlds meet at the Winnipeg Folk Festival.

4. When dragonflies fly through the air we see an insect…what do they see when they see us? Dragonflies are magical creatures…plus they eat mosquitos.

5. Hey Winnipeg is like Camelot lately. Sure it rains sometimes…..but only at night. 😉

6. What is more real the original experience or the memory of it?

7. Perspective changes as we move through the various stages of life. Reality changes as a result of perspective. Do you agree?

8. Is genre classification a result of fact or perception? And why do so many artists including myself no longer fit into one genre?

9. Does the new work of art belong to the world it comes out of or to the world it will help create?

10. Is anger useful or harmful? Can we control it by suppressing it or can we use it to find the source of our our own truths and motivations?

11. My “Parallel Mondo” moment yesterday was looking at my front hall filled with sandals AND boots. We are in that Winnipeg time of year where it could be either a late summer or a early fall day and you just never know…..

12. “Parallel Mondo” means parallel worlds or parallel realities. I was singing in Europe for 5 years. When I moved back to Canada I became aware of the world that had continued in my absence. I also noticed that there was a gap in my knowledge of life here in Canada during the years I was gone.
Canada is a people of parallel worlds/realities. We live in the richness and complexity of this relationship. This is what makes it one of the best places in the world to live. YEAH CANADA!!!


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