Holiday Lights

A celebration of the season among magical lights.

Monika Wall and Daniel Tselyakov team up for a concert celebrating the joy, peace, hope and love of the most wonderful time of the year. Spanning popular classical selections interspersed with holiday favourites both contemporary and traditional expect to catch the holiday spirit.

Dec. 17, 7pm Lorne Watson Hall 200 18th St. Brandon

Dec. 23 Broadway United Church 396 Broadway Winnipeg

Tickets $25/$30 door (seniors/students $20)

ph: 204 727-9631, 204 573-2423


From Ella with Love

The opening show on Jan. 26 of the 2023 Music and Mavens concert series features The Monika Wall Band with Even Miles, Dan Nemez, Matt Kiernicki and Josh Bonneteau. The music made famous by the great Ella Fitzgerald is celebrated in both classic and new interpretations.

From Ella with Love

Monika Wall performs songs of the great Ella Fitzgerald with traditional and new interpretations as the first show of the year on Jan. 26/2023 at 1pm in the Music and Mavens Series. Joined by Evan Miles, Dan Nemez, Matt Kozicki and Josh Bonneteau the timeless songs made famous by Ella are celebrated by a new generation.


Let It Flow

Let it flow                                                                            Monika Wall 2016

I feel the cool dark earth 

Smell the sweet green pine

I breathe the cool blue air

I’ve got a song on my mind 

I see the sky above

Feel the earth below

I’ve got a song in my heart

I’m gonna let it flow

Oh let it flow

Oh I’ve got a song in my soul 

I see your smiling face

Meet your shining eyes

They tell that me that

Yes you know it

The source of life

Reach out your hand to me

I’ll take your hand in mine

And we will sing our song

Can you hear it

The song of life 

Oh let it flow 

I’ve got a song in my soul

I can’t stop it

No I can’t help it

It’s deep inside of me

And just won’t go

I feel the cool dark earth 

Smell the sweet green pine

I breathe the cool blue air

I’ve got a song on my mind

And it sets me free 

Feel the cool dark earth

Do you hear me

I smell the sweet green pine

And I feel it

And it sets me free

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Monika Wall returns to performing at Care Homes

We have all had a difficult time dealing with the Covid Virus but no one has suffered more than the elderly. Monika Walls’ first shows back have been dedicated to lifting the spirits of the elderly. Private, outdoor, socially distanced shows left people dancing in the parking lots.