One step

One Step

I got a one step
And I’m looking for a few more

I got a one step in my pocket Another one on the road
One step in my pocket
And this journey’s

Going to take me home

Some days walking is easy
And I’m going proud and strong Some days I get weary
But I keep on keeping on

I’m taking one step
This journey’s going to take me home

Some days I’m slaying dragons
Some days I’m laying low
Sometimes don’t know where I’m heading But I keep on down that road

I’m taking one step….

Well I don’t know
Where I’m going
But I see how far I’ve come I’ve seen some things
And I heard some talk
But I can’t stop
I just got to walk
And take one step
Taking one step
Going on down that road

Crocodiles in my closet Dragon coming out of his cave Mountains too tall to conquer When my fear won’t behave I’m taking one step
And I’m looking for
A few more

Monika Wall 2016

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