Young Joshua fought the battle of Jericho
With a horn and a group of stompers
With trumpet held high
And feet pounding low
That was the way he conquered
So how did it come to pass on that day
That not a sword was lifted
The walls of rock
They just fell away

Never thought you’d do it
Never thought you’d do it
But the walls came tumbling down

There was an old city by the name of Berlin
The folks weren’t so happy
They’d lost half their kin
Though many had tried
To cross that old wall
They died in the river
They died in the street
They died for the longing
Of freedom under their feet
Never thought…..

There was a young man from Chicago
Sights were set high
Though beginnings were low
Good men of the past
Had dreamed of this day
They’d drunk from black water
They’d hung from the trees
Now the glass ceiling shattered
The roar of crowds swelled
The old chains were rattled
As walls of bigotry fell

They said he couldn’t do it
He’d never make it through it
But the walls came tumbling down

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