Manitoba born Monika takes influences from gospel blues, folk and jazz. The genre defying music reflects on her remarkable journey from opera singer to singer/songwriter of a new kind. After a decade of establishing herself as an international singer Monika Wall began writing her own songs responding to a call in the night from three new songs insisting on being heard. Her award winning voice combined with the craft of Juno award winning producer Murray Pulver (Doc Walker) has now created her sophomore album of originals called ‘Earth’. Building on the success of her first recording “Parallel Mondo’,  ‘Earth’ shows a further deepening of her songwriting. Songs that celebrate the pulse of life and the tug of music on her soul bringing the power and emotional intensity of a voice that is extraordinary and rare. The epic journey from Puccini to Porter to her own soulful songwriting has the thread of a spirit born to make music and a quest to find the way to reach the deepest caverns of the heart.   "This is a voice that could change lives" Micah Barnes (The Nylons)


December 14, 2019
Western Canada Tour MB to Vancouver Island Coming Soon

November 26, 2018
Touring ‘Earth’

Monika Wall is just back from her Western Canada ‘Earth’ Tour working her way across the prairies with guitarist Gabriela » More

September 12, 2018
Monika Wall ‘One Step (Earth) New Video #2 Check it out!


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June 6, 2020
Happy Mike's Open Mic — Winnipeg